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Thursday, March 1, 2012

L.A ( but not so Confidential)

What does one do during her spare time if you are given an early retirement?  Enter contests. I DID and   I WON tickets to see Live with Kelly in L.A for the after Oscar Show.  It would have been better if they paid for my flight and accommodation.  No, they didn’t.  My skymiles did so it is kinda free. Who cares?  I am going to the Oscars! The Oscar gods were listening, Thank you!

Who would be the best person to take with me? - Val, my good friend for 16 years and my fellow retiree!   We both got packaged out from our corporate jobs and we have ALL the time to do what we want and so we packed our bags and flew to Hollywood!

Mug shots

Both L.A virgins, we are off to be in the mecca of the stars and the Superbowl of

 Hollywood – the Academy Awards.  So we need outfits, right? We are told from

the Live with Kelly people to dress appropriately. 

We did not expect the weather to be sooo cold in L.A.  It was a good excuse to go

shopping though. Off we go to the closest store from our hotel.

Because we are both fab and almost forty ( Val's turn this July), we crossed the

street ( actually jaywalked) on Sunset Blvd. Who does that? WE DID!

On the first day an hour from arriving in L.A, look at what happened to me and

my good friend? DROP, ROLL and TUMBLE.

Big gash on my left elbow ( this is just  one of them)

 Val's right knee

Can you believe that? 2 grown women jaywalking on Sunset Blvd!  Oh yeah if you see my butt on Youtube, say hi for me, okay? Just type, “2 women jaywalked on Sunset Blvd on their way to Ross” (not sure if we are on youtube, I won’t be surprised if some jerk did take a picture!) ELLEN! Are you watching?

 After 3 Tylenols ( hydrogen peroxide, bandaids), trip to Santa Monica Pier, Venice

 Beach and 2 gay friends later, here we are at the Chapter 11 (Kodak) Theatre.

Long waits and 10 or more shuttle bus trips, we are sitting on the second

balcony.  Not sure how many people were there, probably about 20,000 plus

people there. It was insane!


They were serving mini In N out burgers at the Vanity Fair Oscar party, while we

eat ours at the restaurant with paper cups, plastic forks and red table trays. Sigh!

In spite of lack of sleep and our injuries, we hopped on a double decker bus and
toured Hollywood and Beverly Hills. 

Because the Oscar Gods were watching over us, "He" sent a limo to pick us up to take us to the airport. No, we didn’t ask for a limo, our guy got stuck in traffic and the limo was the closest to our hotel.  Finally, we felt like Movie stars. I can just imagine TMZ waiting outside our limo waiting to see who is inside?  Oh they are the "2 women who jaywalked on Sunset Blvd."!!!
So, TMZ photographer asked " what did you learn from this trip?"
Val's quote " it kept me grounded on the trip literally :) cause in hindsight I may have been crazier had I been without injury which could have lead to worse outcomes". Well said Val!
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Susan said...

There are no words. You gals are crazy!

Anonymous said...

And I would do it all over again in a heart beat!!!!!!

anney said...

I onced jaywalked with friends and was caught! My friend used her charms so we wouldn't pay for jaywalking. lol!

Marsy said...

hi monica. following you back! OMG, your experience is so fantastic! I wish I could be as lucky as you to win a ticket for the lottery! :)

Spanish Pinay said...

So much fun! how I want to be able to visit LA... that's one of the places hubby and I eally wish to visit. Those scratches are terrible. But good thing you ladies still enjoyed and had fun!!

Spanish Pinay

Anonymous said...

You too are so cute. Glad you had a fab time. Bev

joy said...

Kahit maraming scratches, maganda pa rin:)