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Monday, May 21, 2012

little miss sunshines

I have been thinking about the color "yellow" lately.
Little did I know I will be surrounded with Yellow loveliness the following day.

we are saying our goodbyes.

flowers they picked from outside the school

I said not goodbyes just "see you later!"
 I will  miss my little sunshines
We share one sun, one moon and we will be in one spirit.

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Friday, May 18, 2012

The "Real Housewives"

I am sure some of us have been followers of The Real Housewives reality series.

I was one of them, and sometimes still watch snippets of it.

I often think how glamourous their lifestyles are. The clothes. The cars. The bags. Vacations.

Mansions. Shoes. Jewelry. much , much more. Yet, there are dramas. jealousy. gossip. backstabbing.

It is wild and crazy.. entertaining.

I met our Real Housewives.  They live on shacks. Barely have clothes. some have shoes. just one pair.

No bags just a wallet.

the Real Housewives ( yep, one dad was there too)
Listening to their stories
Some of them gossips. Women often do. Who doesn't?

We all have one thing in common. Provide for our children and families.

We live in such two different worlds. But share the same emotions. Same goals and dreams.

Some of them have given up.  Some still have hope.


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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

my mother, my teacher

I was the oldest of 3 girls.

my first teacher. my mother.

she taught for 35 years.

she was strict.  very.

supported  me to do more. do well.

after all these years, she still got it.

Let's start from the basics.  
FLAG girls were so attentive.  She still got it!!

We don't have blackboard at the moment. We will have soon, Thanks to our lovely donors!!

Say 'Ahh'
She was pooped after just a few minutes. Why she retired her ' teacher's stick' over a year ago
her students have not forgotten about her. even to this day.

they would approached her on the street. she doesn't recognize them.

but they do.

although my mom was not with me during the important years of my life.
there's still a lot of lessons I have learned from her.
i am still learning. she is still teaching.
this time it's just me. 

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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Are you my mother??..

There was a point in my life that I did not see my mom for over 10 years

she was not there during my wedding. birth of my first child. my separation.

we did not celebrate mother's day together until year 2010.

Regine has not seen her mom since she was little. She is 6 years old now.

Her card to her mom. One day she will have a chance to give it to her.

For all the moms, kindly send your kisses and hugs to Regine.

I know in spirit she will feel your love.

Happy Mother's day!

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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Under the shade of a Mango Tree..

Going home is like putting on my favorite pair of shoes.

It fits. I fit in.

I grew up in this neighborhood. so much has changed. so much also stayed the same

the country side is my favourite place to go.

my godmother's farm. Life is so simple.  How I wish.

The beach
walk on the beach. low tide.  I wish for the waves. but not today.

as I continue my journey here,  I began to reflect.

So many things I still have to do.  My next chapter will begin.  

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