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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Get well Angelica

I am worried about her. Although I have not met her, I can just imagine what her mom must be feeling right now.  I was told when Angelica came to our school that there was something special about her.  She was born with a disability not sure what it is.  Her parents can't afford a specialist nor any rehab for her. Our director told us she must have Autism.  When you are very poor in the Philippines, Autism does not exist. Sad to say, her parents just feel lucky she is alive.  In addition, Angelica is very malnourished.  Our team back home is making sure she has the nutrients she needs while she is in our care.  The tough part is when she goes home, her parents can't afford to give her more than her other siblings as they barely eat for themselves.

We are helping Angelica today but giving her supplements and vitamins to gain the weight and also in order for her function so she can learn.  Thinking about her now, I think of how I live my life everyday.  What's important, and not to sweat on the small stuff.  If only I can help her right now, visit her and just stay there until I know she will okay.

Get well our little Angelica..

Angelica and her mom

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The F.L.A.G team

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Saturday, September 17, 2011

One Christmas they will never forget..

Part 2 of my last blog, here are the heartfelt pictures of the girls from F.L.A.G.  I remember our whole family on one evening watching them through Skype while they open all the presents.  It was something I have never felt before watching  them with PURE JOY , GLEE and DELIGHT their EYES lit up while they touch, feel, even smell the toys inside those shoe boxes.

Irysh with her gift.. Gosh she was sooo happy
Leslie with her shoe box.. she was probably so excited!

humble christmas tree with shoe boxes filled with surprises

I am soo excited for this Holiday 2011!  We will make sure we will top last year's event. 

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The F.L.A.G team

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Sunday, September 11, 2011

A shoe box for Christmas

I know it's kinda early thinking about Christmas in September.  For your information, most Filipinos start to decorate and play Christmas songs as soon as the "BER" month starts.

It is also the start of our 2nd Annual Holiday Shoe Box campaign. 

Shoe boxes filled with goodies

It was Barbie Theme last year. The girls back home never seen, heard or even touched a Barbie doll.  We called our friends, families and colleagues to donate one box each with a Barbie doll and also other girly stuff to fill the shoe boxes.   It was a so much fun  to see them open their presents and how they appreciated every single item inside the box.  The scene was unforgettable ! The look on their faces when they saw the toys for the very first time. 

I wonder what they want for Christmas this year? new shoes? dress? For what I know about them,  any kind of toy will do. They appreciate everything we give them because they have nothing.

How do they get them you asked? We ship those boxes around mid October and they will get there just in time for Christmas.  

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The F.L.A.G team

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Sunday, September 4, 2011

The ABC's of Me

Voiceboks friends and followers, better late than nevah!  Here goes..

A- allergy is what I am suffering right now from  ragweed .. ( sneeze, snob, sniff repeat )

                      B - blank is what I have on my face right now thinking of what I'm going to put for B :)

C- Charisma, is the name of my sister ( middle one ) not sure why dad didn't give me that name instead.

                      D - double double is what I like when I order my coffee at Tim Horton's ( famous Canadian coffee place )

E - lizabeth, my mom's name. Love it,  her mom named her after the queen ( of course ) my grandma was obsessed with the royal family.

                     F - F.L.A.G, Fundamental Learning Academy for Girls, the name of school my husband and I built in 2010. A school for underprivileged girls in the Philippines.

G- gregarious is what I am ( according to the my horoscope see S )

                    H - Halo-halo is my favorite Filipino dessert, crushed iced mixed with different sweets yum!

I - Immaculate Concepcion Academy of Manila for girls, where I went to school from Nursery to Grade 9,

             J - ordan , is my youngest son

K - arma, I strongly believe in it , good and bad.

            L - ive. just do it.

M - Manila, the capital of the Philippines, where I was born.

                  N - nesting is what my husband and I most of the time.

O - Oprah, she is truly a role model and an inspiration to me

           P - premature, my oldest son was born at 35 weeks

Q - Quinoa, like rice but healthier , not sure I'm gonna like it.

                 R - ice , ( the real thing) love it for breakfast, lunch, dinner.. our staple food.

S - sagittarius is my zodiac sign.

                 T - TAGALOG , Filipino language,

U - um, hate when I say umm so many times during a presentation.

                 V - volume is what my hair needs, just straight and limp.

W - Who, what, when, where, why ? My form of interrogation with my 2 boys.

           X - files was one of my fave shows in the 90's.  My husband was obssesed with it.

Y - oga, only when it's a HOT one

           Z - ebra print ballet flats, where are you? need one bad.

Wow, that was fun.  Can't wait to read yours !

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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Meet Leslie Ann

She was different, pure potty mouth if you ask me.  She lacks discipline, attention and manners.  It is not her fault. Both her parents did not go to school, we are not even sure when her birthday was. Her mom couldn't get  her birth certificate from the midwife as she couldn't pay for the delivery. They get by.  From time to time she begs on the streets ( sadly with her mom's permission). That was then but this is now.

Leslie Ann ( third girl from the left)
She now attends the regular public school system after one year at F.L.A.G.  After school hours, she  will spend some time to review lessons with the rest of the girls ( rather than being on the street).  What a difference one year has been for Leslie Ann.  I hope she is enjoying school and learning a lot.  Love this pic with all of them in uniform, so adorable!!

We are going to start our 2nd Holiday Shoe box program , stay tuned!

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The F.L.A.G team

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