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Friday, August 31, 2012

under the tuscan sun..

it was my dream to visit Italy when I turned 40

that dream came true this summer..

very thankful for the opportunity and an adventure I can never forget..

here are some of my highlights..

Ponte Vecchio, Florence
Cinque Terre
St. Peter's Basilica , Rome
Positano - Sigh!!

Tuscany Villa ( with 14 other friends and family )

as this summer draws to a close,

I look back on what happened to my life since the beginning of the year.

In summary:

Jan - Lost my Job after 20 years in the company

Feb - First visit to Hollywood with my close friend

March and April - Visit to the Philippines

May , June and July - sold my house in the suburbs,kids off to college

August - moved downtown and ITALY.

September - Back to school for me.

the blessings I received this year are overwhelming..

it inspires me to continue giving and sharing..

I'm back.. F.L.A.G updates to come...

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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

just the two of us..

today, we let them go.

spread your wings and off they go.

don't you worry we will be right here.

supplier of junk food, milk  and beer.

you will be fine.

as we know we taught you well.. although you sometimes feel living with us is like hell :)

mommy and daddy will enjoy their time

living the life downtown in their prime.

Greenwich Village, NY July 2012 , wanna be in Woody Allen movie

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