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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

lost innocence

When you pray to God every day to protect your family.  
You leave it with Him to do just that. 
Somehow, evil and wickedness will find its way to bring darkness. 
It happened. Evil came, as did darkness. 
One of our girl’s lost her innocence. She is only 9 years old.
to protect her identity

She was offered $2.00 by her predator to keep quiet.

To not say a word. To tell no one.


Thankfully, she didn’t listen. She came forward and shared this awful story with her mother. And in that spirit, today, I share this awful story with all of you.

Because we won’t accept hush money either. And this story needs to be heard. 

FACT. For every 3 Filipino children, one child will experience abuse. 

Not us. It will never happen to one of our girls.

But it did.
  All of us are deeply affected and disturbed by what happened. 
As are all of the staff and families of F.L.A.G.
Personally, I feel helpless. angry. confused. saddened.  How could this have happened?
Please help us heal.
Pray for her and her family.
And if you feel the need to help further, donate $2.00 to F.L.A.G.
 all monies collected will go directly to her family.
The $2.00 in offered hush money need not be remembered as that. 

Please know, there is no obligation whatsoever but for those who have asked, your small change CAN make a difference.
"Be the CHANGE you want to see in the world"
- Mahatma Gandhi

i love your thoughts and comments, to protect her and her family, please refrain

from using any names. Thank you!

With love and blessings,
Thank you Susan for helping me write this story.

Monday, November 5, 2012

finally.. we are reading!

thanks to YOU!

we have books.

we are now reading!

filling up the spaces with toys for now

Just another day at school

We are wishing for more books and shelves

Teacher Rochelle organizing our first book shelf!

Most of the girls do not own any books.

Public school does not allow them to take them home because they have limited supply.

Now they can dream and imagine the possibilities by reading.

The places they can visit, people they will meet.

Finally, we are reading. 

Note: Please accept my apologies for not updating as often. Our website is undergoing improvements and  soon we will have one destination. 

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

World Food Day

Can you imagine yourself only eating one meal a day

How about feeling so stuffed and still you needed to eat that one last cookie

Or ``eat with your eyes``. Take too much and not finish your food.

Nothing is wasted here.

Once in a while, we will have a special meal just to give thanks.

Spaghetti is their favorite


Here they are!! 

Say Grace. Give Thanks.

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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Raise your hand now !

October 11 

Designated by the United Nations as International Day of the Girl

Creating awareness that every girl has a right to an education

Right to choose

There are millions of girls around the world who do not have that right today. 

We are giving 30 girls in the Philippines that right.

One day we hope that we can have more.

Raise your hand if now!

It only takes one girl.

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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Craft time

I love rainy days..

but not for hours and hours ..

In the Philippines, rain can be non stop for days!!!!

We will keep the girls busy.. Craft time is a great way to spend rainy days at school

Take a break from Math ..

Hmm..what is she up to??

Hand made aquarium made from recycled juice boxes

So great that the girls at FLAG are getting this chance to make crafts

Still so many girls back home do not have any chance at all.

I wish we can help them all.

One day..

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

They love exam week , huh??

Unlike me, the girls at FLAG love to take their exams.

With so many rainy days missed at school, they gotta do this.

She looks ready !

Gosh, she looks so serious.. she will ACE this one!

wow! she got it!

Love her smile!

They are on their way.

To become a doctor, teacher and or maybe an artist? 

Their dreams are finally coming true. Thanks to you!

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Friday, September 14, 2012

the flood

If we have snow days, Philippines has flood days..

Unlike snow, this water comes from polluted rivers and sewage around the community.

No boots can protect you from diseases.

I remember when I was little, I would wash my feet as soon as I get to school and when 

I get home.

I would bring alcohol and towel , hope for the best that I don't catch anything.

Unless there is a  thunderstorm and torrential rains, I never missed school. 

Flood did not stop me from learning.

Tricycle is one of our means of transportation

This is our church. Thank God the water did not reach the inside of the church

They move on.

People will still need to buy food, go to work. Life does not stop.

They are not even wearing any protection. 

The girls are okay. Their families are not affected by the floods . Thank God.

They are thankful just to be there. 

I don't complain much about snow days and rainy days, cause I know others have it much worst.

Just be thankful you are here.

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Friday, August 31, 2012

under the tuscan sun..

it was my dream to visit Italy when I turned 40

that dream came true this summer..

very thankful for the opportunity and an adventure I can never forget..

here are some of my highlights..

Ponte Vecchio, Florence
Cinque Terre
St. Peter's Basilica , Rome
Positano - Sigh!!

Tuscany Villa ( with 14 other friends and family )

as this summer draws to a close,

I look back on what happened to my life since the beginning of the year.

In summary:

Jan - Lost my Job after 20 years in the company

Feb - First visit to Hollywood with my close friend

March and April - Visit to the Philippines

May , June and July - sold my house in the suburbs,kids off to college

August - moved downtown and ITALY.

September - Back to school for me.

the blessings I received this year are overwhelming..

it inspires me to continue giving and sharing..

I'm back.. F.L.A.G updates to come...

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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

just the two of us..

today, we let them go.

spread your wings and off they go.

don't you worry we will be right here.

supplier of junk food, milk  and beer.

you will be fine.

as we know we taught you well.. although you sometimes feel living with us is like hell :)

mommy and daddy will enjoy their time

living the life downtown in their prime.

Greenwich Village, NY July 2012 , wanna be in Woody Allen movie

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Tuesday, July 31, 2012


though miles may lie between us

we are never apart

for friendship doesn't count miles

it's measured by the heart

friendship comes in all sizes

friendship is sharing memories

friendship is about keeping me company while I wait..

friendship is acceptance..

Happy International Friendship Day from F.L.A.G

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Monday, July 30, 2012

one step ahead..

we are always hoping she will come around.. come out of her shell.

quite as a mouse.. will not speak unless spoken to.

she can barely read when we first met her.

Erika on the far left 2010

smiling in photos is rare for Erika ( had a hard time looking for a pic with her)

there's something about her eyes.. wanting to tell us something.

Erika ( 3rd girl from the left) 2011

she proved us wrong..

Her school moved her to Grade 2 level

she was to repeat Grade 1

no one can stop her now..

Congratulations Erika! We are very proud!

Thank you to teacher Rose, Pastor Rey and staff  for their

continuing guidance and support.

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

new kids on the block

do you remember your first day of school?

or moving to a new one and leaving your friends behind?

well, they don't look sad at all..

Aren't they cute??
Learning is fun!!
hello Ms. Rochelle
listening is much more fun :)

It's been over a month since we started new school year at FLAG.

with too many rainy days, girls have missed school.

we hope for some sunshine soon !!!

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Friday, July 6, 2012

wow it's July already!

Where was I?

sorry folks, the last 3 weeks was chaos.

apartment hunting for the boys and condo hunting for us.

Finally done!

now it's packing, selling and more packing.

Downsizing , finally living !

My Living Room - you get the picture!

FLAG girls update soon.. school has been cancelled due to typhoons.

They are okay! ( thank God!)

Thank you for stopping by, ( and for your patience, support and continuing to follow us)



Sunday, June 17, 2012

fathers' promise

this Father's day is dedicated to all the fathers of FLAG

they made a promise to their girls to give them an education they never had

here they are helping to build our first library

working with flipflops

no fancy tools or protection - this is how it is back home

to all our supporters, YOU are making this happen!

although they will never meet you, I know they are grateful for all

the support you have given their daughters.

they are forever thankful!

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Monday, June 11, 2012

the move.

since I have lived here in Canada (25 years )

I moved 11 times..

this will be my 12th. and fingers crossed , might be the last one.

bye house! you were good to us!

my youngest is off to college ( tears *sniff**)

together with his older brother sharing an apartment together.

best friends for life

they will be fine. I know they will.

We are downsizing. simplifying. helping. Just LIVING.

Jon and the girls of FLAG

I am happy for the the boys.  Experience LIFE.

Make mistakes. Learn from them.

As for me, I have my own journey. Keep moving forward.

Can't wait for my next adventure.

The chapter continues.

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