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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

dreams will start from a book...

We didn't have television until I was in the 5th grade
Reading  has been the activity at home.
My dad would finish a book in 2 days.
he would tell stories of places. He has never been in any of them.
talked about the best food in the world, he has never tasted them.
books helped my dad and i dig into our imagination
the power of reading helps me dream. endlessly.
the girls need to have those dreams as well. .. But.
we need books. we need bookshelves. we need a library
This is where we keep our books today..
 we will be dedicating our first library to all my Mom blogger friends! we thank you for

generous donations and ongoing support. 

You will be making dreams come true!!





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Friday, April 20, 2012

His purpose- driven life

You are always looking at the horizon

 i know what you are thinking

" what more can I do to help the girls"

You have done more than any man I know..

You don't have a lot of followers.. and believers..that's okay.

Our boys and I believe in you..and that's all that matters..

You are brave, strong and unstoppable when it comes to your mission..

No one thought you can do it and still don't believe..

You can't stop now.. you have only just begun.

Happy Birthday to my best friend!

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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Nemo meets FLAG!

they have never been to any amusement parks especially not this one! Mixed emotions if this was something they wanted to see and do for our annual trip.  Only 'those' who can afford can visit this park. For them 400 pesos ($10) will rather be spent on food that seeing a bunch of fish.
But because they have worked so hard for one year, they deserve it!  Thanks to our loyal donors as well.

Field trip - Manila Ocean Park

ooooh and aaaaah!!

speechless, confuse or just in AWE!
Well, hello Nemo!!

Finally, they've had enough fish for the day!

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Their Big day!

Do all girls wish to get married someday? The perfect dress, the perfect wedding? I don’t remember wishing for any of those.  I can guarantee these girls are not wishing to have a dream wedding either.  All they look forward to is this day. The Graduation Day. 
Team Pink is moving forward to Grade 1 in June
Team Yellow one more year to prepare

Roseanne - over achiever , she is an extra special girl. World, watch out, here comes Roseanne!

There is no greater joy than seeing their parents cry and watching their children go up the stage. 

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