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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

dreams will start from a book...

We didn't have television until I was in the 5th grade
Reading  has been the activity at home.
My dad would finish a book in 2 days.
he would tell stories of places. He has never been in any of them.
talked about the best food in the world, he has never tasted them.
books helped my dad and i dig into our imagination
the power of reading helps me dream. endlessly.
the girls need to have those dreams as well. .. But.
we need books. we need bookshelves. we need a library
This is where we keep our books today..
 we will be dedicating our first library to all my Mom blogger friends! we thank you for

generous donations and ongoing support. 

You will be making dreams come true!!





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Steph said...

Monica, I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors. This is an amazing program and these girls are so lucky to have you guide them.
All the best,

Spanish Pinay said...

What a moving post. As always, I wish you all the support you can get Monica. You and your husband and the rest of the team are doing such a noble job!

Spanish Pinay

joy said...

I am very touched naman na mention mo ang name ko. Anyway, your story touched me too. Coz we grew up with no tv at all and I learned to read from my grandmother's bible and comics magazines. And I borrowed books from school library too. My father was a blind man, but he can told us many stories ttaht made me forget how bad our situationw were. My heart longs to help these poor children and I am with you in prayer and will help as much as I can. Continue the good work. I want to visit this place one day, pag nakauwi ko ng pinas.

Becky Jane said...

Some day soon you'll have your little library. HUGS and Blessings for all the marvelous work you are doing.

Susan Liberatore said...

Amazing! Thanks Mon.
As a child, I spent every waking hour at the library. It was always my favorite place to be.
I have so many children's books...would it be ridiculous to ship overseas? They're heavy I'm sure.

Spanish Pinay said...

Hi Susan! Pardon me for interrupting... but I just want to give you an idea about a good way(and cheaper) to send goods in the Philippines. You may want to try checking out FOREX or Orion. You can send one box to the Philippine for a flat rate - no weight limit! It's a big box though so it might not be very practical... but they may also have half-boxes or something like that, that may come cheaper. The only downside is that it takes a month for these boxes to arrive in the Philippines because they are shipped via sea... but for books and other nonperishable goods, I think this is perfect.