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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Nemo meets FLAG!

they have never been to any amusement parks especially not this one! Mixed emotions if this was something they wanted to see and do for our annual trip.  Only 'those' who can afford can visit this park. For them 400 pesos ($10) will rather be spent on food that seeing a bunch of fish.
But because they have worked so hard for one year, they deserve it!  Thanks to our loyal donors as well.

Field trip - Manila Ocean Park

ooooh and aaaaah!!

speechless, confuse or just in AWE!
Well, hello Nemo!!

Finally, they've had enough fish for the day!

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Spanish Pinay said...

The girls are so cute! They definitely deserve to meet Nemo and his friends :)

Spanish Pinay

Small Kucing said...

I am glad everyone had a great time :)



joy said...

Very touching. sinama ko din mga apo ko dyan some years ago and they loved the fishes, especially yong oldest kong apo. he loves Nemo.

Susan said...

Awwwww! So sweet. I'm so glad they got to go.

Becky Jane said...

Your last picture is especially priceless. Such sweet girls all tired out.