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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Get well Angelica

I am worried about her. Although I have not met her, I can just imagine what her mom must be feeling right now.  I was told when Angelica came to our school that there was something special about her.  She was born with a disability not sure what it is.  Her parents can't afford a specialist nor any rehab for her. Our director told us she must have Autism.  When you are very poor in the Philippines, Autism does not exist. Sad to say, her parents just feel lucky she is alive.  In addition, Angelica is very malnourished.  Our team back home is making sure she has the nutrients she needs while she is in our care.  The tough part is when she goes home, her parents can't afford to give her more than her other siblings as they barely eat for themselves.

We are helping Angelica today but giving her supplements and vitamins to gain the weight and also in order for her function so she can learn.  Thinking about her now, I think of how I live my life everyday.  What's important, and not to sweat on the small stuff.  If only I can help her right now, visit her and just stay there until I know she will okay.

Get well our little Angelica..

Angelica and her mom

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Kathy said...

I will keep Angelica and her family in my thoughts and prayers. I can only imagine what her mother is going through. Our daugter, who is 9 has a brain disorder, though it's not autism there are some similarites. Even with all our rescources, we live in NY have good health inusrance and have been able to go to some of the best specialist we still have not been able to find many answers. I can not imagine what Angelica and her family are going through. Thank you for all you are doing for all of these girls.

Susan said...

Oh no! She is so tiny. So sweet.
Can we find out what her favorite princess is? I want our box to go to Angelica. :(
Will keep her in my prayers.

Shanda said...

May God bless you for your heart of compassion and love for these girls.