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Sunday, September 11, 2011

A shoe box for Christmas

I know it's kinda early thinking about Christmas in September.  For your information, most Filipinos start to decorate and play Christmas songs as soon as the "BER" month starts.

It is also the start of our 2nd Annual Holiday Shoe Box campaign. 

Shoe boxes filled with goodies

It was Barbie Theme last year. The girls back home never seen, heard or even touched a Barbie doll.  We called our friends, families and colleagues to donate one box each with a Barbie doll and also other girly stuff to fill the shoe boxes.   It was a so much fun  to see them open their presents and how they appreciated every single item inside the box.  The scene was unforgettable ! The look on their faces when they saw the toys for the very first time. 

I wonder what they want for Christmas this year? new shoes? dress? For what I know about them,  any kind of toy will do. They appreciate everything we give them because they have nothing.

How do they get them you asked? We ship those boxes around mid October and they will get there just in time for Christmas.  

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Susan said...

Theme please!
I will start to get the word out.

So excited.

Small Kucing said...

It's not too soon to start :)