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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Girls helping girls

We received an overwhelming response to our Christmas Holiday program.  One happy story I would love the share is these 2 young girls who unselfishly donated most of their stuff to our charity.
Personal holiday message to the girls

Raquel (left)  and Victoria organizing extra school supplies for the girls at F.L.A.G
I have known Raquel since she was about 3 years old, her mom by good friend Valerie has been my bff every since. After 15 years  of friendship, both of them have been very supportive to our cause.  By  planting the seed, our children will grow with compassion to the needy, love for others and true unselfishness.  I'm so lucky to have known both of them and that they are part of our lives.

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Susan said...

So sweet that Val is!
Her daughter is a cutie. So important to teach them these lessons young.