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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Educating children in Dominican Republic

After a week of much needed rest with my husband in Dominican Republic, we are fortunate to have visited a school funded by the tourism industry in Dominican Republic.  Similar to F.L.A.G, the children in this school came from underprivileged family and  education is not accessible to everyone.  Ages varies from 6 to 12 and they are schooled for 9 months.  After they complete, they are able to attend a government funded school on which they will continue elementary to secondary education.

One of the school buildings funded by private tourism company in Dominican Republic

It is a good feeling to know  that education is a universal right for all walks of life - it doesn`t discriminate race, color, background. Once education is given, it is the most POWERFUL thing one could ever have. It opens to limitless opportunities and doors of possibilities. 

I am so happy that someone out there has the same vision as my husband and I.  If only we had more to offer so that we can extend our support to all the girls around the world.  One can wish and dream.
We are blessed to have the means to give back and still have a restful vacation however it is also heartbreaking to see children who are not getting the same opportunity our kids have today.

There are 600 million girls around the girls who do not have access to education, 600 million! F.L.A.G has 23 of those girls. What if one in every household in North America supports one girl.. wow! I think we can make a difference .. One girl at a time.

She will go places! I know that for sure!

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Naked Mommy said...

I wish the world had more people like you! You are an inspiration! We sponsor one child through Plan Canada right now and hope to sponsor another when I am working full-time again.


Susan said...

I hope you guys took some time to rest as well girlie.
You are an inspiration.

Fundamental Learning Academy for Girls said...

@naked mommy you're helping the best way you can..

Fundamental Learning Academy for Girls said...

@avagracescloset.. thanks my friend you inspire me as well..