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Thursday, October 13, 2011

She is out of the closet!

.. WORK  closet that is and straight to Ava Grace's closet ( click at her button to visit her blog).Over the years I have met a lot of women at work, some stayed as colleagues, acquaintances and only a few has become my closest BFF's.  I will miss her a lot as she has decided to be a SAHM.  Like any other mom, she juggled family, career and LIFE.  Somehow besides all that  glamour ( let's call it that) something is missing.. she is missing her baby girl.  Who wouldn't? She is soo adorable. I wouldn't call it tough decision, it was the right decision ( in my opinion ) to be with her baby girl every step of the way.  Unselfish, unconditional. Most importantly, she has become a huge advocate of F.L.A.G donated toys, clothes, and by spreading the word throughout RHOW. 

For the second year, she has donated to our shoe box program ( she loves this idea!) plus 2 boxes from her friend whom she had shared our charity with.  Very few friends and family has believed in us.  But not her.  She believes in the cause and will support in any way she can.

Thank You S ! ( http://www.avagracescloset.blogspot.com) this one is for YOU!

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spanish4kiddos said...

It's great to see how people truly care about your cause to help so many girls in the Philippines. You're doing such an awesome job.
Have a wonderful weekend,
Spanish4Kiddos – The Spanish Science Corner

Rachel Joy said...

What an awesome idea...isn't S wonderful!

cassandrasminicorner said...

Newest follower from MBC blog hop- Hope you can visit and follow me back:)


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Thank's and have a great day:)

Susan said...

Awww thanks Mon. Love you for this and for all that you do for those sweet girls.

Cheryl Roth said...

This is a very beautiful thing you are doing. If there were more people like you we could really solve the world's problems. I'm visiting from Finding New Friends Hop. Following you. Please check out my blog.

Rachel Joy said...

Hey just wanted to know I've given you the Liebster Award! Check it out...