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Monday, October 31, 2011

7 billionth baby and it's a GIRL !

Today, there are several reports circulating around the world about the 7 billionth baby.  One of those babies was  born in the Philippines 2 minutes to 12 midnight on Oct 31.   It was also predicted he or she will be  born within the poorest of the poor.  The prediction was right.  Danielle Ray Camacho was born in the Philippines, mother stay-at-home-mom and father a driver who probably earns close to nothing compare to us here. 

She has been added to the 600 million girls who will not have access to proper education.  Like any parent, they have  hopes and dreams for her. Would love to meet her one day and I can be wrong, her parents will probably be able to work very hard to give her the life she deserves. Who knows maybe 5 years from now, we had solve the global poverty problem? Again, one can hope.

Our girls at F.L.A.G will not be part of that statistic and we will make sure of that. With your support we can continue to bring more in and stop global poverty... one girl at a time.

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