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Monday, October 3, 2011

Butterflies from New York - cocoons2butterflies

When you sometimes feel that the world is so cruel with all the stuff that has been going on. I don't need to name them as I'm sure you are aware.  One 'butterfly' from the Blog heaven has been so thoughtful and generous to our small charity.  http://www.cocoons2butterflies.com has donated 2 shoeboxes for our Shoebox Holiday Program.

Laura and I don't know each other, like most of you, we are bloggy friends and have stumbled upon each other's blog.  She wrote on our facebook page about her interest in donating and we exchanged contact info.   Lo and behold, the package came in to my office today, and tears just started coming down.  I couldn't believe it!  I was so touched with the message and toys for the girls.  I started imagining their faces when one of them opens this box.  For all of them, it is not uncommon not to receive any presents for Christmas. They will be lucky if they are able to eat that day.

To Laura, Gabrielle and Elsie , thank you once again.  We are planning to a Christmas party at the school on Dec 22, all the girls will receive their gifts on that day.  We will also take photos of this event for all our sponsors.

Heartfelt message from Laura and her daughters

For one lucky princess

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Priyanka said...

Hi! This is such a noble deed that you guys do! :)

Thanks for stopping by, following you back now! :)

Susan said...

OMG this made me cry!
How amazing.

True Identity said...

I am really honored to have been able to contribute to such a noble cause. I have two daughters myself and I can't imagine what I would do if I could not provide for them, so I want to help out others with anything I teach my girls how wonderful it is to give to those who need it most.

Last year my husband also made an event in his computer Store and gave Christmas gifts to every children that came that day. He bought over 300 stuffed toys to give away that day!

My husband grew up in poverty and he remembers that there was a doctor who used to give the children toys for Christmas and he says that sometimes this was the only gift he would get. So he wants to give back, and be like that doctor who inspired him.

Many blessings to all of you for doing this great labor of love.