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Monday, May 21, 2012

little miss sunshines

I have been thinking about the color "yellow" lately.
Little did I know I will be surrounded with Yellow loveliness the following day.

we are saying our goodbyes.

flowers they picked from outside the school

I said not goodbyes just "see you later!"
 I will  miss my little sunshines
We share one sun, one moon and we will be in one spirit.

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joy said...

very nice to see you and the girls:)

Susan said...

AWWWW! they are so cute.
We'll see you soon! xo

Small Kucing said...

why goodbye? You leaving or them leaving. They looks so cute. This just show that no need all those expensive flowers for goodbye . Simple flowers from tree outside our house will be meaning ful to if both the giver and recipient appreciate them



Steph said...

So sweet, Monica! Bet they are going to miss you terribly. Take care and have a safe flight.

Spanish Pinay said...

Oh, I got emotional. Definitely not a goodbye... hopefully we'll coincide the next time you visit Philippines. I so love their sheepish smile... very characteristic of Filipinos... I think we are naturally shy and sweet and happy :)

Spanish Pinay

Becky Jane said...

I can only imagine how hard it is to leave your little sunbeams. Have a safe return.