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Friday, May 18, 2012

The "Real Housewives"

I am sure some of us have been followers of The Real Housewives reality series.

I was one of them, and sometimes still watch snippets of it.

I often think how glamourous their lifestyles are. The clothes. The cars. The bags. Vacations.

Mansions. Shoes. Jewelry. much , much more. Yet, there are dramas. jealousy. gossip. backstabbing.

It is wild and crazy.. entertaining.

I met our Real Housewives.  They live on shacks. Barely have clothes. some have shoes. just one pair.

No bags just a wallet.

the Real Housewives ( yep, one dad was there too)
Listening to their stories
Some of them gossips. Women often do. Who doesn't?

We all have one thing in common. Provide for our children and families.

We live in such two different worlds. But share the same emotions. Same goals and dreams.

Some of them have given up.  Some still have hope.


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joy said...

At least you were there to listen:)Stories need to be told. We can learn from them.Thanks for sharing the pictures:)

Spanish Pinay said...

I soo admire moms of poor families who do everything to make the ends meet and just try to continue life for their children. My mom is my pillar for that. We never had enough before but somehow, she can magically make a 150pesos be enough (and seems more) for a full day's meal for all 8 of us. That is beyond any math genious' power.

I loved the photos!

Spanish Pinay

Susan said...

Isn't it awful when you think about it? I wonder if those women (the tv housewives) have any fear of G*d at all.
Spoiled. Beyond. And I don't think they realize it.
Let's hope they are charitable. But I'm not that convinced.

Becky Jane said...

As I looked into the mothers eyes, I could see their dreams and hopes. You are such a blessing to them.