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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

my mother, my teacher

I was the oldest of 3 girls.

my first teacher. my mother.

she taught for 35 years.

she was strict.  very.

supported  me to do more. do well.

after all these years, she still got it.

Let's start from the basics.  
FLAG girls were so attentive.  She still got it!!

We don't have blackboard at the moment. We will have soon, Thanks to our lovely donors!!

Say 'Ahh'
She was pooped after just a few minutes. Why she retired her ' teacher's stick' over a year ago
her students have not forgotten about her. even to this day.

they would approached her on the street. she doesn't recognize them.

but they do.

although my mom was not with me during the important years of my life.
there's still a lot of lessons I have learned from her.
i am still learning. she is still teaching.
this time it's just me. 

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joy said...

Very touching post about your mother and her endless effort:)

Steph said...

ha! i love that last picture... that's how i feel at the end of my day! ;)
your mom is amazing! good for her for still having it and helping you. being strict is good...it kept me out of trouble and my parents were super strict!

Susan said...

Your mama rocks!!!
This is too cool.

Becky Jane said...

Your mom looks like such an energetic teacher. Thanks for sharing a bit about her with us!