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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Are you my mother??..

There was a point in my life that I did not see my mom for over 10 years

she was not there during my wedding. birth of my first child. my separation.

we did not celebrate mother's day together until year 2010.

Regine has not seen her mom since she was little. She is 6 years old now.

Her card to her mom. One day she will have a chance to give it to her.

For all the moms, kindly send your kisses and hugs to Regine.

I know in spirit she will feel your love.

Happy Mother's day!

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Spanish Pinay said...

tons of kisses and hugs and prayers for you Regine! Your guardian angel is watching over you... and one day your prayer will be granted I'm sure.

Mon, it is really hard to be away from our moms... when I gave birth to our little star, all I can think of is that I wish she was here with me... she couldn't be here with us when we got married either.

Happy mother's day, Mon. You're not just the best mom for your own sons but also to your many daughters of God!

Spanish Pinay

joy said...

Happy mother's day Monica. Pareho lang tayo ng sitwasyon. Being far away from our mothers. But, I just thank GOd that He is there for us and GOd is with us for them. Bless you.

Steph said...

Oh, Regine is so sweet. I hope her Momma sees that lovely card she made her. :)
Happy Mother's day Monica. I wish you a lovely day. I'm going to call my mom soon - she's living with my sister in Georgia.
I'm loving the FLAG updates. Keep them coming.

Susan said...

How sad! I can't imagine not having my mother in my life.
Sending love to sweet Regine. I wish I could bring her home.
Happy Mother's Day again girl! xo

Becky Jane said...

i know I'm late, but HUGS to you sweet Regine. Mama's are so important to us.