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Monday, June 4, 2012

back to school

do you still remember your  first day of school?

did you ever cry? ( I didn't, I was soo happy)

i miss the smell of brand new school stuff.

notebooks, erasers, new bag.

we practice to write our names ( never too early to start)

love the different colors - Thank you to our sponsors!

we cover them with plastic

our new white board - Thanks to all our sponsors!!

i know she had fun.. waiting for mommy to tell her how much fun she had!

Our heartfelt thanks to our supporters!

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Susan said...

Awwww! I loved preparing for the first day more than the actual event I think. New books, new knapsack, new clothes...love it.

Becky Jane said...

I agree with Susan. Preparing for the first day was so much fun...anticipation!

She looks so sweet looking out the window waiting for her mama!

joy said...

nice to see the preparation for the kids:)

Susanna said...

Oh how I loved this post! Next fall it's going to be my first day of the high school and I feel like I'm as excited as little kids when they go to school for the VERY first time in their lives! :D

Love your blog, it's awesome! :)