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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

a little goes a long way

It took me two years to add this “donate” button on our blog and our site -(www.flagphil.com).  Friends, followers have been asking how they can help and I always say anything will do. We have received used clothing, toys, school supplies and sometimes monetary donations.  I rarely ask people for money especially during current economic conditions. Donations have been down since the recession in all charitable organizations.  We do understand.

For those of you who asked me how much to donate, a little goes a long way! Less than $25 a month you can feed, educate and support one of our girls.  Jon and I give more than 90% to run the school that includes:

Our staff - one teacher, one assistant,cook and our director. They are our family back home.  Without them, we will not be here.

Utilities - clean water and electricity.  We are very lucky our church clean water to provide for the children.  Clean water will help prevent the spread of germs. Healthy kids are happy kids.

School expenses - we have 3 girls who are attending the regular public school system.  We are responsible for their weekly allowance, food, transportation, books, uniforms and any other fees that the school asks for.

Food - 3 meals a day and snacks. We make sure the kids are fed with proper nutrition. All of the girls are malnourished and under fed. They don't have a proper meal at home so we make sure they are well nourished when they are in our care. We have feeding programs on the weekends for the street kids as well in the neighborhood. 

Medical and dental expenses - kids do get sick from time to time. We don't have free health care back home nor their parents have medical insurance.  We pay for prescriptions and all medical check ups.

This is our second year and no sign of stopping. From 15 girls to 22 since we opened, we feel we had made a big progress.  Our goal for this year is to have 30 girls. That's a very small number compared to the number of little girls back home who are in school today.  The number is in the thousands.  Maybe one day, there will be none

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Susan said...

Good for you Mon. People want to help ~ they just don't know how sometimes.

Mabel said...

you are doing a noble deed. thank you for taking care of the girls. i am sure many would send help in their own little way. btw thanks for following me. followed you back.

Small Kucing said...

you are doing a good thing

joy said...

Im am really touched by what you are doing. Me too have the same goal and helping different organization that work with poor. Looking forward to know you more:)