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Thursday, March 29, 2012

doctors without borders

Our first medical mission for all the girls at FLAG. Thanks to our own guardian angels (they do exist!)

Here they are donating their time to conduct the check-ups for both medical and dental.  All of them very seldom (or not at all) visit a doctor.  Imagine your children not seeing one since the day they were born. 

Results: enlarged lymph nodes, underweight and allergies. ALL of them. They need chest x-rays and fast!

Vitamins and supplements are what we need for now to at least boost their metabolism. Iron, Vitamin C, Vitamin D anything! We are now in a serious crisis. 

4 to 6 tooth extractions per child. Permanent teeth most of them are gone! Solution, dentures?? or just go by living without your molars. How would you chew your food?

Dr Marion Sanchez, (on my right) and Dr Thess Venturina
Angelica , open wide!

I knew they needed medical check-ups but didn't realize how sick they are.  I need help and soon.


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Spanish Pinay said...

I do hope you can get more help, Monica. Poor children losing their permanent teeth at very early age!

Spanish Pinay

joy said...

Everybody is doing agood work and I believe God will send help in many different ways and through lots of people. Keep on praying and believing:)

Becky Jane said...

Keep a look out in your PayPal. I hope this will help. I'm in the process or organizing my family of (11 kids) to see what else we can do to help out. HUGS to you and those sweet girls.

Susan said...

OMG Monica. What can I do here???
Talk to me and fast. I can't get a bbm or text to you...I have tried!