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Monday, March 5, 2012

Report Card

We are celebrating “Educate a Girl” month via (www.becauseimagirl.com).  I am so excited to announce 6 of our girls from F.L.A.G are ready for their next adventure.  They are smart, funny and willing to learn to take on the world.

Our F.L.A.G girls who will be attending Grade 1 as of next school year, June 2012. 

Angel Ann



March 30 is our Graduation Day.  I can’t wait to see all of them once again.  I
know I will cry during their tiny speeches of gratitude.  It is the greatest
feeling knowing I have changed their lives forever. I can feel my heart getting bigger
every second I hear " thank you" from the girls, their parents and families.  There
will be a song dedicated to us for sure.  At this time, I will be sobbing and can't
even speak.
Thank you for stopping by,
Monica and the F.L.A.G team


Spanish Pinay said...

awww... I can imagine how the graduation would feel for you! It's a bittersweet feeling!

Spanish Pinay

Susan said...

So great.
They're adorable!

Becky Jane said...

You are doing such an inspiring job with these sweet girls. I can imagine the joy and love you feel. Make sure to take lots of tissue for crying! Congratulations to you and your girls!

joy said...

Congratulation for a job well done. It Wii be tears of joy