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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

tough love

Going on our second year here at FLAG, it is an ongoing learning for us.  My husband and I have big hearts however running a school is still a new experience.  The purpose of this visit is for us to build guidelines and processes for everyone to abide to.  That’s one of the strengths Jon has – building processes and growing a business.

Jon's meeting with the  parents ( apologize for the quality of this pic, couldn't upload the pic from my camera)

He didn’t waste any time to speak to the girls’ parents as soon as he arrived in Manila.  We have been receiving reports that there is a huge absenteeism problem at the school.  It is unfortunate although we offer free education, food and clothing, there are still parents who do not want to commit their children to go to school regularly.  It is sad but true. This is just the beginning.

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Small Kucing said...

it was like that ages ago in my country but gradually parents realise the importance of education. Dont give up. Keep it up.



Susan said...

Hard to believe! Wow.
Good for you guys. Keep at it.

joy said...

Still, good luck and continue the good works. God bless your hearts:)

Anonymous said...

i know how parents can depend on their kids for being able to make ends meet and tough times make parents make tough choices ...so hard...one day one day conquer day!! Valerie

joy said...

HOpe you find time to join me in brainstorming tags. More details in my post with the same title.

Spanish Pinay said...

It's definitely a tough love. Parents out of desperation and really tough times, make tough decision like sending their kids to work instead of to school. But I just detest parents who make their children work while they stay at home doing nothing. You have a big prayer warrior backing you gusy on this. Keep the faith!

Spanish Pinay

Becky Jane said...

The work you and your husband are undertaking shows me that there are so many good people doing so many good things. You are angels for sure.