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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Day 1 . 19 hours on air

Already I am frantic! My carry on is too heavy. Check-in luggage both full (a tad bit over weight, damn corned beefs and SPAM) kidding!
What to wear? Elastics everywhere! Push-down and pull- up! No belts, no frills. Who travels like Victoria Beckham? NOT ME!. Sigh!

More like this! I swear. No i didn't bring any boxes, I shipped 2 months ago! smart eh!

 Right here waiting. No I am not singing Richard Marx song.  A sea of Filipinos fill the seats. Love it when they go home to the motherland. One "lady'' brought in 2 carry ons, what? She was not allowed.  Oh well, we always have one of us who will break the rules.

Bye for now! Here we go.
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Spanish Pinay said...

We brought tons of corned beef and spam too! LOL

Have a safe trip, Monica!!

Spanish Pinay

Small Kucing said...

Have a safe journey :)

> kathy


Susan said...

Safe travels girl! Thinking of you.

joy said...

TYpical us. hi hi. Lagi dami dala. Have a Nice trip and enjoy:)

momto8 said...

have a fun trip! enjoy!