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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

"Why are all nannies mostly Filipinos?"

Yes friends ! I want to blog about this because this question are amongst top three whenever I meet a group of new friends, colleagues and acquaintances through a network of people. Part of "hello, nice to meet you , do you know anyone who can help me out because I need a nanny ?". No, I am not offended ( my husband sometimes) . I am more than happy to help out any way I can. Before we get into the Why's here are some facts from our homeland.

Some facts about the Philippines
  •  located in the South East Asia in the Western Pacific Ocean
  •  Population 94Million ( est. 2010)
  •  considered as a third world country
  •  rich with resources but also rich in graft and corruption
So? you ask...
  •  with the population density, NO JOBS are available even for doctors, lawyers, nurses, teachers.
  •  Unemployment rate 7.4% as a result we have about 8.4Million Filipinos working all over the  world. That's almost the population of Ontario, Canada.
  •  minimum wage is $100 per month ( $1 CDN = 43 pesos)
  •  average salary of teacher $320 CDN /month 
Hopefully you are now getting the picture..
  • For most women/men  when they work overseas ( keep in mind some of them are teachers, nurses, physical therapists, engineers and other professionals) will make WAY MORE if they work as a caregiver/nanny.
  • They will sacrifice 2, 3 even 5 years before they can see their own children because they are caring for someone else's.
  • Most of their income are for their children's education, their cousins, sisters, brothers, parents etc. Most of them who makes "IT" overseas will be the only bread winner for the family ( even extended meaning up to 3rd ,4th cousins)
I could go on and on about different reasons why and there are more.  There are success stories and there are not so success stories. I heard them all!.  One thing I know for sure, if you or any one you know that has a caregiver/nanny, keep in mind you are helping them out by lifting them out of poverty,  for them and for their children.  YOU will contribute in shaping a whole new generation.

Maraming Salamat!

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Rachel Joy said...

All true. Plus for some reason we're naturally good cleaners, good cookers, and great child care takers...

Fundamental Learning Academy for Girls said...

You got it Rachel :)

Martha said...

lovely post. I like your last thought, that people who hire them are actually helping them. Wish more employers would see that. I don't know how it is there, but in Asia, sometimes they don't treat their nannies well. sad.

Mary In FL said...

Following you from The Adventures of J-Man GFC hop :) www.savingbythesea.com. Hope you'll join us too!

Babymama said...

I am doing my part. This you know is true.
You forgot to mention that they are the most nurturing, kind, hard-working people around.


Rachelle said...

such a great site you got! really paying it forward, huh! may God continue to give you good health so you could continue His workings.
Filipinas are really hardworking people and you're right about there, they do it for everybody's good!
Mabuhay ka!