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Monday, July 18, 2011

Meet Margaret

Hello followers,

Introducing Margaret Ann, she is one of our new students in our school.  Margaret is 6 years old and this her first time being in school.  I know very little of her ( I will keep you posted on her journey). I was told she is an adopted child of an older couple. The couple is their 60's , father retired veteran and the mother is a housewife who is  very sick at the moment. Despite of their hardships, they are caring for our little Margaret.

I wonder what she likes? does she like Barbies? has she ever had one? I don't believe so.  What does she want to be when she grows up? She has dreams too like any other little girl you and I  know.

I'm so happy to have her in our school and can't wait to meet her next year when she finishes her first year. 

Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you again,


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Becky Jane said...

She looks like a little girl with lots of wonderful dreams...you are so fortunate to be able to help some of those dreams come true!

Spanish Pinay said...

She seems to be a really happy and sweet girl. That smile of her is contagious :)

Spanish Pinay

Rossel said...

pretty little girl. thank you for following Topics on Earth...i'm your newest follower here. :)