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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Meet Jessica

Nothing more rewarding for me than writing about the girls in our school. Although their stories are heart breaking, it still brings smile to my face knowing they are in school.  I read a post from "The Girl Effect ( www.girleffect.org) , there are 72 Million children in the world that are in need of basic and quality education. More than half of that number are girls.

Jessica will not be one of those girls.  She is being raised by a single mom and her grandparents.  Her mom makes her living by washing clothes for others ( by hand).  For most of us, we can't imagine not having our washing machines.  I do admire her mom, she will do what it takes to put food on the table, the sad part is education becomes secondary.
Jessica, I'm sure like any other 4 year old girls likes dolls. Maybe Barbies? I wonder if she know what that is? Has she ever seen one? Jessica, we will see you soon !

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Spanish Pinay said...

I do know a lot of moms like Jessica's mom in the Philippines and they are surely to be admired!

Monica, because I believe you're on fire on helping these wonderful innocent souls, I have something for you in my blog... check it out :)


Spanish PInay

Small Kucing said...

Hi Monica

Am coming here through VB and is 1 of your new follower

Am impressed with what you are doing with this blog. Something very meaningful.


GJT said...

Definitely puts things in perspective right? Makes me want to go through my kids toys and give away half of them. Stopping by from voiceboks!


Anonymous said...

As I do a TON of laundry, I cannot imagine doing any of it by hand. Wow.

Mom4Real said...

It is so nice to hear that she will now get a good education! What a nice job you are doing, and Jessica is precious!

Visiting and following from vB!

Jessica K

kalokang Pinay said...

You are truly a star! What you do is just precious =)

I admire the many Jessica's and their parents who do their best everyday

The Pepperrific Life said...

Despite the circumstances, Jessica is in good hands. That's more than what other kids can say about themselves. It's admirable what you do. Keep it up :)