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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Meet Regine

Another cutie petutie from F.L.A.G, meet Regine.  What I know from our team back home, Regine lives with her other 5 siblings with her auntie and uncle. The father left them and their mom works overseas but no longer communicates with all of them. God Bless their aunt and uncle who are looking after all 6.  The uncle works as a construction worker ( trust me, construction pay back home is waaay less compare to here ).  The aunt is a food vendor to add to their day to day budget. 

She looks very shy, I wonder if she gets along with everyone?? What type of food does she like to eat? I bet she loves chocolate ( who doesn't).  Another friendly face I want to hug and kiss when I see her! Can't wait!

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Samantha said...

I truly admire you and your husband's kind hearts. I almost cried reading how you F.L.A.G got started. I too am Filipino and I know the saddened feeling that overcomes from seeing all those things. May God continue to bless you guys.


About A Mom said...

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freesocial said...

Following on GFC from bloghop, please check out my site @ www.freesocial2011.blogspot.com

Glenda said...

Hello, and Thanks for all that you do for this school and its students. I am so Proud of you and I look forward to following you. I came from Voice Books and I will be back soon.

Jennifer said...

Regine is a cutie patootie! I love it. I bet she likes chocolate too!
Jennifer Makobi Scribe

Not Your Ordinary Agent said...

This is such a great thing you do. You are truly amazing.
http://homesandbabies.blogspot.com Becky from VB

About A Mom said...

Hi Monica! Stopping by from VB! Your support of these girls is so wonderful! I really enjoyed stopping by your blog again! When you get a chance, please stop by http://aboutamom.com to say hi!

dreamachine said...

This is truly amazing. I had a friend who went through a very similar situation as a child and he's much stronger now, hopefully she will too. You are all truly amazing. Keep up the good work!

Clayton Thomas said...

As a parenting author, it breaks my heart to read that a father up'd and walked out on his kids. I'm thankful for the children's aunt and uncle. Sounds like F.L.A.G.is a wonderful organization. Best of luck!!!


Kristina said...

She looks shy, but her dimples indicate she may also have a lovely sense of humour! Very cute. I always enjoy visiting here to read your stories.
Thanks for sharing,

Kathy said...

I love to read your blog and the profiles of some of your girls!! You and your husband are doing such an amazing thing!! She sounds like a doll!!! Take care!!

Visiting from VoiceBoks!

The Savvy Mompreneur said...

I love what you do and the mission of F.L.A.G. All of the girls you've featured are precious. May God bless you for your sacrifice and dedication to helping these young children.

New Fan from voiceBoks

Chloe said...

She is very cute! It is great what you're doing. :) I'm stopping by from the Not So Moody Monday Hop. :)