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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Travel and Food tips

If you travel to the Philippines and use the public transport such as, jeep, tricycle, bus, etc. Just a quick tip, if you can use the LRT or MRT, it's the fastest way to travel. Sometimes faster than the cars. There is so much traffic in Manila and surrounding areas that if you travel by car or bus, prepare to be late, wherever you go. Dasmarins to Manila is about 2 1/2 - 3 hours depending on traffic, it's only 44 km away.

If you need to take the taxi from the airport, don't settle for the metered taxi, although it's much cheaper than the airport taxi but they will drive you around in circles just to get their meter fee higher. I am not saying they all do it, but it does happen. Use the Airport taxi, it's more expensive but since you pay a flat fee, they don't need to drive you in circles just to raise the meter fee, you get home faster. If you get a good driver, TIP THEM ( if you can), they work hard for a living.

Jolibee Spicy BBQ Chicken - Good deal for the price you pay. for under $4 you get 2 pieces of chicken with some rice. Chicken is small so if you have a big appetite, this is not for you. Flavour is okay it's more sweet and spicy. This is our McDonald's

Max Fried Chicken - For under $5 you will get 1 quarter chicken (small chicken) some rice with fresh lumpia. the chicken is very deep fried that you barely taste the chicken and more like eating chicken chips, that's how crunchy it is. If crunchy is what you're looking for then this is for you.

Dencio - they have very good Sizzling Sisig and fried shrimp. they also have a bucket of beer for $5, there's 5 beer in a bucket. For the people out there that's familiar with San Miguel Beer, their light beer is fantastic. They call their promo "sub zero temp beer". It means they serve you the beer really cold. I thought that's the way it should be served, but what do I know, I don't drink that often. They also have great service.

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