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Friday, March 25, 2011


It seems that every time I visit the school, they always have a big smile on their face. I always think there's something on my face that makes them laugh. There is one shy girl that doesn't interact as much as the others. She is always smiling but doesn't talk much to others much. We will get to the bottom of that.

The girls health is good but we will need to have them checked thoroughly because the free service here for check up is not very good, they only check blood pressure, eyes, all the very basic things but they don't extract blood for testing so we don't know if they have any type of illness that cannot be diagnosed by the basic check up. We hope that we can find a doctor here that would do that work for us as a volunteer service.

They are in desperate need of a dentist, their teeth needs work from my visual assessment. They brush their teeth at least twice a day. They were taught to take care of it and we provide them with the necessary tools to do so. I am hoping to connect with a local dentist to help us with treatment and check ups.

The girls are very happy and looking forward to see Monica. There's no school on Monday, but we will be at the school because the parents are coming over to clean the school. They help with the cleaning and making sure the facilities are in good condition. I love the fact they do come and help and that they are committed to their children's future.

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