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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Parent / Teacher meeting

The girls and I had a good time today. We are getting to know each other more each time. It's going to be hard to say goodbye to them when I need to leave for Canada. We play, laugh, learn and sing more now and they are such Angels that it will be so hard to say goodbye.

Met their mothers and/or guardians today, explain to them what will happen now that some of their children will be attending regular academic grade school. We have been notified that 2 more of our students have passed the grade school acceptance test, however we are not sure if the other two girls are psychologically ready to attend regular academic school due to their attention to detail.

The ones who are leaving will still be joining our school in the afternoon for tutoring. Their classes are only in the morning and they will be back at our school in the afternoon to ensure proper hygiene is followed and that they are fed, also to review progress. They will also be attending our summer school to ensure they can keep up with the public school system. Since they were street kids, they need more attention and guidance.

My mother in law and her friend joined us today as well. they are both retired teachers and offered to help. They will visit the school often to help with the girls, teaching, cooking, etc. they also taught elementary grade school kids, they are used to the chaos.

Next week will be the graduation and the kids are now practicing their presentations and getting ready for the next stage of their lives. they are really excited and it's a bitter sweet feeling for them. They don't want to leave because they know that we helped them so much and treated them with love and care. They do know that moving forward will make them learn more and interact with the other school kids their age.

More to come, we will be interviewing the parents and children that are coming in for the June 2011 school year. exciting time. Stay tuned!!

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