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Friday, February 3, 2012

Love for Leslie Ann

Leslie Ann back in 2010
When I first met Leslie Ann, I had a feeling she will be a handful.  This picture was taken when we first met her March 2010 she was 5 at that time and not attending any school or own a book.  Her mom too busy to look after her and she can barely feed her 4 other children.  Despite of it all, she talked with us, sang and just trying to be a little girl.

Leslie Ann, sitting in front of our teacher

She was doing so well until recently, she decided to quit school.  Our director informed us she had an argument with her teacher and kicked her.  Her mom couldn’t even convince her to go back anymore because now she is afraid.  What will happen to Leslie Ann? If her own mother couldn’t convince her to go to school, who will?  Now, she is lost.  With 2 more months left before summer vacation, she will be behind in our studies.  At age 7, she should be in Grade 2, at this rate, she will have to repeat Grade 1 one more time.

I have 2 more months before I visit the school once again.  I am praying for her and hope her mom can motivate her and for the other girls to do the same.  That’s all I can do for now.  

Please send your love and prayers for Leslie Ann

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Becky Jane said...

I wonder if the teacher needs to go to her home and visit while her mom is with her...praying for her, you, your job, and your school.

Spanish Pinay said...

Becky Jane may be right... perhaps the teacher can go to her house and tell her that everything is ok - but she shouldn't kick her teacher again... Leslie Ann is afraid she knew she shouldn't hit her teacher so she needs assurance that inspite of her behavior, she is still accepted and loved.

Spanish Pinay

Susan said...

Oh no!
I hope she can be talked into going back. So young to make such a life decision.