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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Trip they will never forget

Time flew so fast and we are on our way back to the Philippines once again.  We are excited to see our school, the staff and of course, the girls. 

What to expect when travelling in the Philippines in March?  Hot, Humid and Hazy and we love it!  I always stay in my neighborhood where I am from.  It keeps me grounded and appreciate a lot of things I take for granted sometimes, like hot water.  Yep, we don't have hot water so cold showers for the next 2 months. 

The community
This time I will be staying a bit longer to spend time at the school, my mom and search for opportunities to grow the school.  We are also planning our Graduation for the girls who are ready to start their grade 1 at the local public school within our community. 
What is in store for them? Well, this time we are taking them to the Manila Ocean Park (www.manilaoceanpark.com) It is a famous attraction in Manila that has over 10,000 marine life in its famous indoor ‘aquarium’ and much, much more.  THIS WILL BE A SURPRISE FOR ALL THE GIRLS!!.  I can’t wait to see their faces. 

Our girls have never been to any amusement park in their lives. I remember last year when we went for our swimming party and that was the first time they have seen a swimming pool! Imagine.  Most families who can afford to go to Manila Ocean park are of course rich and affluent and they can go there at least 3 or 4 times a year. Our girls will so happy just to be there at least once (for now). They deserve this for they have worked hard. We are looking for sponsors to help us fund both our graduation party and trip to the park. We need to raise $700 for both our trip to Manila Ocean Park and our Graduation Party.  The cost for each student is $30.  All donations can be made to our local church Connexions Ministries whom we have partnered with to grow our school and create more awareness.
If you are interested in contributing to our graduation and field trip event, please send an email to monica.vera@flagphil.com

"No matter how bad your life is, the first thing you should do is help somebody else that's worse off.  Because it will put everything into perspective. I don't care how bad its, you're missing a leg, you lost your job.. go help somebody else, that's when things start to change." - Tony Robbins.
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Spanish Pinay said...

Made me miss pinas even more. I love hot, humid and hazy too :) and the cold water? deadma na! it's fun to scream and jump on the first buhos during bath time hehe

the kids will enjoy Manila Ocean's Adventure! I'm so excited for them :)

Spanish Pinay

anney said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog and following. Just followed back!

Susan said...

Cold showers!!!!? Yikes. Might be good for Jon. Tee hee.