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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The boy who swam to school

With all the time I have these days, I am able to explore (watch TV) the programs back home (Philippines).  I enjoy food shows, travels and culture.  Most interesting and heart breaking shows are documentaries on children around the country who are missing the opportunity to go to school.
One story about this boy who lives in Cagayan near the area where Sendong , the typhoon that  took the lives of many due to landslides and floods.  His small village was not hardly hit but it destroyed his only way to get to school - rope attached from one rock to another above the river. Built by his grandfather, this rope has a wooden cable car where he can sit and pull to cross the river.

SO WHAT DID HE DO?? HE SWAM.   After swimming for about 45 minutes, it will take him about 2 hours to walk up to mountains to reach the only school in his village. Unbelievable! ( how often do our kids whine because they didn't want to go to school?)

Friends, I am simply sending a message to all of us how blessed we are.  We feel stress because we are not able to keep up with life or (the Joneses). These stories and images changed my life, how I live it. Although I will never meet this boy ever in my life, these images I will never forget.  
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Small Kucing said...

this is a very good reminder on how fortunate i am.

Susan said...

My kids give me a hard time about walking home from school and it's 7 minutes away!
We are so fortunate.