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Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 - new beginnings

When a new year begins, Jon and I are very excited because the countdown begins when we get to see our F.L.A.G family once again.  We lost some girls and we gained more.  All 23 of them.  I am especially excited to meet our new girls, talk to the the moms who started their own businesses. 

Our teacher, our director, teaching assistant and our chef - they are the pillars of our school who look after these girls all year round.  I admire them for being humble, unselfish and dedicated. 
Without them, our school will not function on a daily basis.  The success of F.L.A.G is because of them. 

What we hope for 2012 is to have more girls to support and educate.  In 2012, we will begin focusing on fundraising and raising more awareness for our cause.  100% of all your donations are for the operations of our school, teachers and food.  Today, 100% of those costs are funded by my husband and I.  We will never change a thing.  

Rey  - our director

Rochelle ( left ) teaching assistant, Rose ( middle) our teacher, Sister Dory ( right) our chef

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Susan said...

I recommend visiting this site...www.dearlillieblog.blogspot.com

She is sponsoring a new cause {donating a percentage of profits to} each month this year!

Throw F.L.A.G. into the mix! The girls deserve it.

Rachel Joy said...

You always inspire me with what you do! Hope you guys continue to thrive and prosper. Happy New Year!