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Friday, December 30, 2011

It is 2012 ! So what??

 Is it  really 2012 ?? What does this mean?? Some of you might say " so what?" it's another year.  Some might say 2012 - year of CHANGE? that's what they said about 2011.  Did you change? for the better? or did you get worse?

For my own interpretation, new year is a new beginning. My chance for a DO - OVER!

I told myself in 2011, I will read more and I did! ( read 4 books ) doesn't sound a lot but I did.

Enough is Enough ! - how much shoes do I need? How much purses do I buy? NO new purse but did buy shoes ( but always giveaway old pair to either Goodwill or send it our moms back home)

What do we do for 2012?
Oprah has this show Super Soul Sunday where we are given assignments rather than resolutions.

Check it out and perhaps it will help you be more fulfilled with love rather than STUFF.

Here are some of the Assignments :

1. Shift your thinking
2. Decide what you really  need in life
3. Let go
4. Learn the Power of One
5. Appreciate Nature

Friends, whatever you wish to accomplish, do in 2012 is all up to YOU! 

Thank you for following us in 2011 and we hope to see you more in years to come.
On behalf of the F.L.A.G Team, we wish you and your family peace, joy and love in 2012.
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Susan said...

True, true!
Happy New Year to the entire F.L.A.G. team.