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Monday, December 19, 2011

I was born today. 40 years ago

40 years ago, Monica Vera , oldest of 3 daughters born in Manila, Philippines.  Not sure why my dad named me "Monica".  I never had the chance to ask him before he died.  My mom can't remember either.

I want to reflect on the last 40 years of life ( i can't even  remember want happened yesterday.. sigh ) , It would be nice to start to document the next 40 years of my life.

Here's some of my highlights: ( i think)

1. I sang in a choir for Pope John Paul II.

2. I was part of the Sound of my Music play in school ( can't remember what grade )

3. I was 14 when I left my mom and dad with sister to go to Canada for a better life.

5. At 16, I was back home.

6. At 17, I was heart broken ( twice)

7. 19, met my husband, 20 we got married and had a baby.

8.  at 28, the big D ..  (yes..long story)

9. 30.. start over..

10.  40 now..kids are all grown up, devoted part of my life in service to others through F.L.A.G and again re-discovering what I will do next.  Maybe I should start writing the next 40 years of my life ? ( hmm..)

For those of you Club 40 members, how does it feel being 40??

Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you again,



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Small Kucing said...

Happy Birthday and hugs, Monica :)

Susan said...

Way to use that HOT picture of yourself J.Lo...errr...Moni!
Happy Birthday. That's #3 from me.
PS - John Paul II???!