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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Meet Irysh

This is Irysh. She is 5 years old but she looks like she was 2. Jon and I met here last year and there was that sparkle in her eyes but somehow fading. She lives with her cousins in a house with no electricity and running water. She does not like to smile.

Now.. she won't stop smiling and being silly.
During our graduation.. more laughters!!
She will stay one more year with FLAG until she goes to a regular school. She should be in Grade 1 by now but she has never been taught how to read or write. We know she will do it and she has the determination and the sparkle is back.

Thanks for stopping and hope to see you soon!

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Spanish Pinay said...

You have some great things going on in here. I am moved by your dedication to help and generosity especially to our fellow kababayan. Thank you for following. I'm also now following you and will help promote your blog and F.L.A.G. More power!

Lisa Ladrido said...

What a great opportunity to help children. She looks so happy now, that says it all. God bless you and all the children's lives you touch.

Following you from VoiceBoks Bog Hop!~Lisa
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Kenda said...

My mother use to live in Manila - what a great thing you are doing. Following from Finding New Friends Weekend Blog Hop - hope you'll come by and say hello! http://www.thecaffeinecoquette.com

Shelly said...

WOW! What a great thing you are doing!! She looks SO sweet!!! I am glad you could help her become a child instead of just a person! SO SWEET! Stopping by from the FNF blog hop!

Babymama said...

She is so adorable Mon! As are all the girls.


mrsmomx6 said...

Oh my, she is so lovely she just grabbed my heart. Bless you and all you do.
Hopping from voiceboks.com

Not a Notting Hill Mum said...

Lovely pictures and what a fantastic project - this is a return visit after you popped over to me in Notting Hill. I'm really glad I stopped by.