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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I dedicate this to all the moms out there!

" see I know this girl, I only radiate like the sun when she rotates around me
so I guess you can call her my - world
i know the circumference of the world is impossible to measure, but if I could just wrap my arms around the earth of her body."
i could tell you the exact -distance."

"And I'm sorry Al Gore but contrary to the popular belief, global warming has nothing to do with carbon emissions.
But I have made it my mission to prove that was once my implicit, is now obvious to show that the hotter the summers are a result of her - Intuition.
Because I swear she's a psychic, see she's saving the world with no need of a sidekick."

"She would fly to the ends of the earth if I was in trouble, at the same time I could be driving by a Timmies 24 blocks away and she'll make me buy her a double double.
And she has no bubble, of personal space cuz everyone is consoled in her gratitude and her grace
Wars would stop, guns would drop and bad guys would drop on one knee in praise
if these stupid governments would just see her face."

"I remember 5 years , yeah way back, when I started to pack..
My word pad and everything that I had, cuz life was bad, wanted to make like my dad
just grab my bags an dip."
But then she screamed my name, told me I was all she had. I have never seen a face in the world so sad
tears drip from her eyes to her cheek and found solitary confinement on her upper lip."

"So I made a promise after I saw the sorrowful state she was in
I would never be the cause of her pain ever again.. and since then
If anyone on this earth ever made her cry, I would cut off their limbs and make them sleep in her flowerbed for the rest of their lives."

" Cuz from my birth till the day I die, she will always be the reason why I'm spittin these lines
She will always be the reason why I'm runnin these rhymes
She will always be the reason why I spend all this time with this pen."
So f$&k the poetic , cuz no poet could spit it more beautiful than the way she had it."
Patrick, I love you, Patrick there is no one on this world that's above you, Patrick I know this world is f$&ked up and deranged but I brought you on this earth, cuz it needed a change."
So make me proud."
So here I go,
Nails clipped, ready to show
deodorant  on, shirt buttoned up, ready to flow
been waiting 18 years to reap what I've sewn
full of love and Filipino food I'm ready to blow so,
With this paper in my left hand, an my brother on my right, I am ready to step on stage and set fire to this mic."
Dad and bro in the front row
They saved you a seat, bare witness as I incinerate the world
with the same fire you sparked in me."

"And I'll always look both ways before I cross the street, I'll keep my head up and never look at my feet
Ladies are always first , always offer to take the check cuz they're all queens like you, so I offer the same respect.
Cuz some call you a princess some call you a queen some call you an angel on earth and heaven
and everything in between."
"Dad calls you babe, my boys call you Mrs.de Belen
as they dip to the kitche, filipino food they'd be smellin.
I will always need you,  like your noodle soup when I'm sick
Years go by, and you'll always look like you're 26
and you're wrong, I should have takem you to the prom
A perfect woman of many names, but I just call her - MOM

Poem by Patrick

Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you again,
The F.L.A.G team


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Anonymous said...

This is beautiful! My children are my treasures and reading things like this just touches my heart and warms me to my toesies! Samantha from vB