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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving Birthday !!

 November 24, 1994 - Jordan Matthew de Belen born 9lbs ! Yes, people he was 9 lbs. and all naturale .

In celebration of American Thanksgiving, we are also  celebrating my youngest son's 17th birthday.  I remember my husband driving on the highway shoulder because our house was in the east end and the hospital on  the west end ( in the middle of rush hour morning traffic!) We got there and the delivery went smoothly ( they gas me mind you ).  He was the cutest baby ( he still is!)

He is now a senior in high school, sigh! learning the anatomy of the body so he can help the society to be more conscious about their well being.  So far so good ( I think !). We are doing something right.  Like I always tell my boys growing up, being a parent did not come with any manual. 

Here are a few funny and AHA moments with Jordan:

Mom: Jordan, did you hate me when I use to give you lots of timeouts when you are small?

Jordan: No, time outs don't work Mom! we just sit there and think of what we're gonna do next !!

Lesson no. 2

Mom: Jordan, do you want a new phone for your birthday? like a nice touch screen phone?

Jordan: I don't need a new phone, this phone is good enough. I will let you know when I need one, so far this has been working well. ( his phone is 4 years old!)

He will be facing the next chapter of this life next year when he goes to college.  He is still my baby no matter what.

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Rachel Joy said...

Happy Birthday Jordan! It seems you've raised a very able and clever son =) and very good looking (mana kay mommy...heheheh)

Shanda said...

Happy Birthday to your son. He is really cute. Bet you have to beat the girls off all the time!

Ms POSH said...

Following by from Monday Mingle to say hello.
Have a great day!

Fundamental Learning Academy for Girls said...

@Rachel..able alright.. he eats like a construction worker !

Rachelle said...

Seems you did a very good job in raising him up! Lucky him to have a mom like you!