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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Shared Birthdays are OKAY !

Imagine our children having to share their birthdays with their siblings? I don't think we can imagine doing such a thing.  How about putting 2 names in one birthday cake? Not gonna happen. 

Here at F.L.A.G, we celebrate birthdays with all the girls who celebrate within the same month.  These girls  never celebrated their birthdays, not even just a cake to make a wish.  When you see these precious photos, no need for balloons, loot bags, not even gifts. For them they are grateful enough they get to celebrate their birthdays with everyone for the first time.

Maligayang Bati ! ( Happy Birthday in Tagalog) to Roseanne and Clariss

This is the first time Roseanne and Clarisse will share this day and make their first birthday wish.  I hope they had a great time and that cake looks soooo good!

Sharing this special day with their friends. 

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True Identity said...

This is lovely! And the cake does look Delish!!! I'm glad that these girls had the opportunity to celebrate their birthdays with loved ones. It sure must mean a lot to them.
New follower from VB. Really interested in the opportunity to help. I currently sponsor a child from the Philippines too.

Rachel Joy said...

Happy Birthday girls! How fun is this...well for my son and daughter whose birthdays are only 3 days apart, shared birthdays are a frequent occurrence. But I'm pretty sure once they hit those strong minded, pubescent years, that will definitely change...

Becky Jane said...

Happy birthday Roseanne and Clariss! I think it is such a fun way to celebrate with 2 friends sharing the same special day!

Paula Robinson said...

I am a new follower! I am also a huge advocate and supporter for childrens charities.

This is a wonderful thing you are doing. I hate when people get discouraged when they cant help on a large scale... ANY scale is help!



Susan said...

Happy Birthday to both of them!
So cute.
This makes me realize how fortunate our own kids are.